Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Thrift

Last week I was talking to a friend about my resolution to only thrift shop this year. Like most people, she thought I was crazy, and I found myself defending my choice again. It really made me think about why I thrift.

There are two reasons, really.

1)      I have expensive taste, and a cheapskate heart. I love well made clothes. Skirts that are lined, dresses that fall just right, and shoes that last forever make me so happy! These are not the clothes that you find at Ross, Old NavyForever 21 or Target. Even Gap and Banana Republic have been disappointing me with their quality lately. J CrewAnn Taylor, and The Limited are more of my thing. But paying $50 for one shirt? Seriously? Not gonna happen… It has nothing to do with my bank account, it just seems wasteful to spend that much money. The more I thrift, the more ridiculous the prices in regular stores look.
2)      I’m able to find more unique items. Sometimes shopping at regular stores can be so… boring. Everyone is selling the same thing! There are millions of ruffle shirts and embellished cardis.  Which is great, if that’s what I’m looking for, but sometimes I want something totally out of fashion! I want a houndstooth blazer! I want a calf length skirt! I want peep toe kitten heels!

I totally get why some people hate to thrift. I get how people can be grossed out with the smell, or the thought of wearing something someone else wore. I understand that some people get frustrated shopping all day and only getting one shirt. I also get why people will buy something that is cheap and trendy, only expecting it to last one season. But for me, thrifting is my way of feeding my fancy taste while not making my thrifty side pass out!  


Woolverton Girl said...

There is nothing wrong with thrift shopping! I think some people think it's just for poor people & have never tried it because they aren't "poor." Then they look at you funny because you do. I love it, I just wish there were more places around here to go. There aren't too many here in the lil' town of Killeen, though.

Jolene said...

Bethany- I have been loving your 30 day challenge updates (Jalenna's too). We are big on thrift shopping here too. Some of my friends think it is weird but i'm starting to convert a few. My kids have been trained well- how many 16 year old girls say "hey Mom, I need some new jeans, let's go to Savers!"

Bethany said...

Vanessa, I think you're right! If you ever want to come down here and thrift I have a few really good places!

Aunt Jolene, I'm glad you commented, I didn't know you were reading!! I totally miss all the great thrift stores in the Valley! Especially the 50% off Saturdays at Goodwill!!