Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Right Now

I've been looking for a new job ever since the wedding. Praying for a new job. Dreaming of a new job. It's not that I was in a bad place, it's just that I got everything out of that job I could. I was bored, and tired of the same thing day in day out.

And now I have a new job!!! I put in my two weeks on Friday!! I had daydreams of putting in my two weeks, and the song Take This Job and Shove It was always in the background, along with me shocking my coworkers, venting my frustrations to my director, and running out of the building in a blaze of glory. So the actual putting in of the two weeks was pretty anticlimactic. See, I forgot how much I like everyone at work, and how much I respect my manager, and in real life I would never want her to be blindsided. I also forgot that two weeks notice means just that- you have to be at work for two more weeks! I could have left in a blaze of glory, but it just would have been awkward to come in on Monday morning, ya know??

Now that it's done, and I know I am moving on, the sentimental part of me is taking over. I have a really hard time with lasts! (I saw a bumper sticker once that said "Why are we sentimental about things that sucked the first time?" It made me stop and think) My last staff meeting, my last team meeting, my last student yelling at me (ok, I wasn't sentimental at all about that!) the last halloween (my office goes ALL OUT).

I have also been surprised at the number of people who have stopped by my desk to tell me how nice it was to work with me. Our director even welled up when he announced I was leaving. It is all really nice, and I appreciate people doing it, but I just keep thinking- the last two years of my life would have been so much better if people would have told me nice things while I was working there. So many days I rushed to my car at the end of the day so I could cry all the way home because of what a bad day I had. Just one person saying a nice thing would have totally changed that.

It made me think- do I wait to tell people how much they mean to me or how they have helped me? Do I hold back on complements? It made me remember to focus more on RIGHT NOW and be aware of the people around me. It is so easy to lift someone's day, why not do it more?