Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3!

Today is the first day of the challenge that I was going out, and seeing people. I was pretty excited.
 I loved this outfit when I put it on, but now that I see the picture, I'm not so sure! It's interesting to see how I look every day in a picture, it makes me think about the proportion and style of each piece of clothing. This shirt seemed too long with the skirt, so I tucked it in, but it still looks a little off to me. I think it would look better with cowboy boots, but that might just be the Texan coming out in me.
We went to Conference this morning at one of my previous roommate's house. She always made fun of my bump, so I had to put one in my hair today! This one's for you, Janelle!


Jalenna Call said...

I think you look GREAT. i love the shirt tucked in, its really cute. and i agree with the boots, its not just the texas in you :)

Jalula said...

For me:0)

Bethany said...

Thanks J! I wish I would have picked boots for one pair of shoes!

Janelle- That's how I show my gratitude for the french toast ;) Which was way to awesome by the way!