Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing to Write About?

I always laugh when I hear people say they will start a blog once they have something to write about. They want to wait until they have kids to brag about, a new business or job to vent about, or something else more exciting. I think the opposite is true for me. I've never been busier, now that I have added wedding planning to the mix of everything else, and for the life of me, I can't think of anything to blog about.

It's only 106 days until I get married, I go between wishing I had more time to wishing it were tomorrow so it would be over. I have the feeling now of not really caring, just as long as things get done, which I hear is pretty common. But coming up this month: dress buying, and invitations. I think after I get the dress I'll feel much better about everything. As long as my family and friends are there, and I get a few good pictures, thats all I want!

School is almost over, and my calling is starting to get in the groove. Lucky for me, all the sisters I work with are completely amazing, and they make it easy on me! I was wondering last week what I am going to do after I get married. I wont have school, will be released from my calling, and wont be trying to plan a wedding. I might have to get a hobby! But from 25 years experience living with myself, I'm pretty sure that I'll quickly find something that will fill up my time and completely stress me out. It's just how I roll!