Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 for 30

To celebrate my 30th birthday, I decided to throw away 30 things. Because, obviously, I know how to party it up!

I decided to start with the bathroom cupboards. Jules has been loving taking everything out of the cupboards while I get ready in the mornings, and having to put it all back every day was driving me nuts. Please tell me I'm not the only one that hoards old beauty products. Because you never know when you're going to need the last bit of that scrub, or the eye shadow you wore once and it made you look mostly dead (which is slightly alive), right?? I was ruthless. It all got thrown away. I even made room to move some of my makeup that I don't use every day, but still use, into the drawer. Ah. I'm feeling better already. And I threw away 18 things! (I counted a lot of the old make up as one thing, otherwise it would have been way over 30 already!)

Next I moved into the kitchen. Another spot in the house that always seems to attract clutter. It's funny what you see when you are really wanting to throw stuff away. I found three empty boxes, just sitting on top of the toaster oven since who knows when... 19, 20 and 21, in the trash! Actually, the recycle bin. I'm 30 now, remember? I can't go totally crazy. A plastic frog from Easter (22), an old wedding announcement (23), and two old (and empty) cans of wheat (24 and 25). I'm starting to feel young again!

Next comes the living room. I found a gold mine of trash sitting on the organ. Three grocery receipts (26), a stack of old Primary lessons and coloring sheets (27), and a few business cards (28). On the piano there was some junk mail (29).

I decided number 30 better be big. Something that would really make a difference. Then I spotted the three diaper boxes in the hall that I had put out last week to help me remember to enter the Pampers rewards numbers (it didn't work, obviously, and I had been walking around the boxes for a week, why do I do this??). So I entered the points (it took two minutes, why did I put it off??) and the boxes got put in the recycle bin!

Ahhh. I love the feel of open empty spaces. Happy birthday to me!