Saturday, June 27, 2009

Satuday Night, No Homework!

It's a miracle! I just turned in my homework, and wont have any more to do until I get some feedback from my instructor on Monday. So it's Saturday night, I don't have homework, and I have no idea what to do!! I think I'm a loser! But a well educated one, at least :)

I had a phone interview for a job in Phoenix this week. I'm not sure how I want it to work out. But we'll see!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Parable of the Piano

I got my piano tuned yesterday, for the first time since I've had it! I don't know when it was tuned before that, but it's been a while, I'm guessing. There was one key that hadn't worked since I can remember, and the sustaining pedal hadn't worked in a few years either. The piano tuner guy came, and was trying to fix the key, and guess what he pulled out- a penny! It had been under the key for a really long time, he said it was even jammed into the wood from people trying to get the key to work. After he left I was playing the piano, and it was so beautiful! I was instantly a 25% better pianist! It was so easy to get everything fixed, and took less than two hours. I wondered why I had put off doing it before!

This made me think of a bit by Brian Reagan, a comedian I love. He talks about going to the eye doctor after not having been there for seven years. He puts his new glasses on and is amazed at how well he sees. "How can 'instantly improve vision' not be at the top of the to do list? Egh, I'll see tomorrow, I've got a sock drawer I need to clean out."

I think of how many times I do this. There is something in my life that isn't quite right, but it's good enough, I'm getting by, so I let it sit. And then once I fix it, I am surprised at not only how easy it was, but how much of an improvement it made. How great would it be to get all of those things fixed quickly, and not have to spend more energy on them?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Big Two Five

I have the same birthday as my mom. Almost every year since I can remember we have spent the day together, eating out, shopping, going to a water park, whatever strikes our fancy that year. This year my mom announced that she wanted to hold off on our birthday celebration until later in the year. This leaves me with nothing to do for my birthday. I have no idea what I want to do...

So I'm turning 25. Everyone keeps saying how that is so young, but 25 just feels old! Realistically, my life is a third of the way over. This knowledge has sent me into a bit of a tailspin. I thought by the time I was 25 my life would make sense, I would know what I wanted and be on my way to getting it, but here I am, still going to to school, still having no idea what I want to do, and even less of an idea how to get there.

I saw a friend of mine from high school yesterday. It was so good to see him, it had almost been two years! He is a really talented musician, and a good teacher too, and is going to be a music teacher. There have been some road blocks for him getting his degree, but he is getting through them, and is going to be amazing. I was telling him how lucky I think he is. Not only does he have something that he has a passion for, but he is also good at it. How often does that happen? I wish I had just a small amount of what he has.

I am feeling random, and totally lost these days. I don't seem to know if I am coming or going. My life is great, it really is, but I can't help but thinking that there is more out there than what I am doing. I have this idea that some day I am going to wake up, and my life will make sense. I won't have to wonder why I am doing the things I'm doing, or if what I'm doing is getting me where I want to go, but I'm not sure that is ever going to happen. Just when I feel like I am getting a handle on life, things start shifting again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Middle Name

My middle name should be Procrastinator. Or maybe Whiner. It would have been more realistic. Luckily my parents had better taste than that.

My actual middle name is Ann. I'm named after my great aunt, whose name was Elizabeth Ann (little bit of trivia, I was supposed to be named Elizabeth, but when I was born, my mom thought I looked more like a Bethany, so here I am!).

I'm putting off doing homework. Hence a useless blog.

Also, I remembered today how much I freakin love San Antonio!!

Also, today is my two year anniversary of working at UoP! Two years is a really long time in Bethany years!