Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrifting Finds!

I had an awesome thrifting trip about a month ago, but I haven't taken the time to take pictures of everything to post! I finally go most of them together, so here it is!

I like having my makeup out where I can see it, but it starts to take over the counter! I never want to stuff it all back in the bag, and then have to search for what I need. This is a real silver tray, and it has a great design on the bottom, which you cannot see because my makeup is on it! I love this tray, it makes me feel like a lady, and my bathroom stays 50% cleaner!
Cost: $3.50
 Denim jacket. I love these jackets so much with the one button and flared fit!
Cost: $4.98

I call this a lampshade skirt, the pleats remind me of a lampshade. I have wanted one of these FOREVER, but I never found one in good condition, or for a price I liked. 
Cost: $4.98

This is part of my 30 for 30, and I mentioned there how much I love this dress.  Let me say it again: I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It's from Talbots, and looks brand new!
Cost: $6.98

I love Ann Taylor clothes. I do not love paying for them. So finding this skirt at a thrift store: Awesome!
Cost: $4.98

Another great Ann Taylor find! And you can't beat the price!!
Cost: $2.50 (I know!!!)
 I got one more blazer, it's cream and light gold zebra stripes. I can't get a good picture of it though! So imagine what it would be like, ok? 
Cost: $6.98

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Jalenna Call said...

i have to go to this thrift shop!!!!!! The makeup tray is SO GREAT.