Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13

Can you believe the 30 for 30 challenge is already a teenager?? We're almost halfway done! 

There are three things I love about this dress:
1) Its an all in one outfit, no undershirt, cardi, etc needed!
2) It has pockets (as displayed below)
3) the skirt is really flowy, so I can do this:
I walked across the street from work today to pick a prescription from Walgreens, and I remembered that the flowy skirt is not so good in the wind... But since I almost never wear it outside, I still feel good about it!


Jalenna Call said...

i love one piece outfits! so classy. i missed i tried it tuesday missy!

Jenny said...

I am loving this 30 day thing! You look so cute, and it helps me not miss you so much since i get to see what you look like everyday. So don't quite. OK? Love