Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

Sorry the picture's so blurry, we were running a bit late this morning. I would have forgotten to take a picture, but Steve remembered. That's why I keep him, he remembers stuff. And he always takes out the trash without being asked!

I really love this skirt, but I have the hardest time pairing it with a shirt. I know you can't tell from this awful picture, but the background is black with a blue and tan paisley pattern. This blue shirt is better than the tan one I tried last time, but still... Just a little off. It drove me nuts every time I washed my bands today and had to look in the mirror. I'm thinking of trying it with a black shirt next. Any suggestions? 

1 comment:

Jalenna Call said...

i need a close up on the skirt! those shoes are so cute tho!!