Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Tried it Tuesday- Makeup Forever

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was in Sephora, trying to decide if I wanted to spend my life savings on makeup. Well, I ended up buying Makeup Forever HD Foundation. The sales people in the store probably thought I was nuts. I found the color that worked for me, picked up a bottle, and then had to decide if I really wanted to spend $40 on foundation (I usually buy  Maybelline mineral makeup from Wal-Mart for $6…). I would make up my mind that I was going to buy it, walk toward the register, and then change my mind and walk away. I did this three times before I actually made a purchase. They kept asking if I needed help with anything. I didn’t want to tell them about my internal struggle, because let’s face it, the longer I talked to anyone there, the more likely it was that I would walk out with $200 in merchandise. I’m an easy sale!

My review: I really like it. Like really really. But do I like it $40 worth? I’m not sure… It gives really good coverage, and it gives me a glowy look, but I’m not sure it’s THAT much better than the $6 stuff… It also makes my skin greasy, I have to use powder every day, which I didn’t have to do with the $6 stuff, but I also don’t have to moisturize at night anymore, my skin feels great after just washing it.   I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue to buy it. I hope that it lasts for a long time and I don’t have to make the decision anytime soon!

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