Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 17 and Day 20

Since I missed day 17, I wore the same outfit again. So just look at this picture twice, and there you go! 
I remembered on my way to work that I could have worn jeans and my Spurs shirt, since the Spurs play today! (Go Spurs Go!) I almost turned around to go home to change, but since they are playing again on Monday, and I only have one Spurs shirt in my 30 for 30, I'll just wear it then!

And as a special treat, here I am in my scout uniform! I wear it every Wednesday night and try to keep 6 boys sitting in chairs and not killing each other! It's pretty fun. Except for the uniform. It makes me look like a man. And not even an attractive man...

When Steve takes my picture, I always have to take the phone away from him to get him to stop. Here is today's shot he got while I was trying to grab the phone. Why yes, I do floss almost every day!


Jalenna Call said...

At least you wear really cute jeans with that manly scout uniform!!!!! And that dress, omg, I want one!!!! SO cute!!

Bethany said...

Thanks J! When I tried this dress on, I loved it so much I wanted to make out with it. But I'm married, so I didn't :)