Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I Do That I Know I Shouldn't

1) Clean my ears out with a Q-tip. I've heard countless doctors tell me not to do this. But sometimes, I just feel the need!!

2) Climb into bed after taking a shower. This is 100% guarenteed to make me late, and yet, I do it at least 3 times a week. The world is so cold, and my bed is so warm!

3) Eat half of the cookie dough before I make cookies. I know it will make my stomach hurt. I know later I will wish I had more cookies to eat. But when it's sitting there in the bowl in all it's uncooked glory, it just has to go in my mouth!!

4) Put things off. I know I will feel better when I make that annoying phone call/fold the load of laundry/clean out the fridge, but for some reason, I just keep putting it off!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Links I Love Today

I'm half happy/half sad I didn't find this site before my wedding. I love love love the bouquets SO much, but the cost of a small one is more than I spent on centerpiece and bouquet flowers!

I'm making these rolls right now. My favorite part is where they "jump out of the bowl and helps itself to a gin and tonic". LOL!! But seriously, they rise FAST!

I love Kendi. She talks about living in Texas a lot, if I ever find out where, I might go visit and try to convince her to be my new BFF.

I need to buy some boots. But once again, my expensive taste is not meeting my budget. I'll have to start eBay-ing. You know, for the one week every year it's cold enough to wear boots...

Friday, September 10, 2010

I sent Steve to the store for ice cream two nights ago (I had gone to the gym, so of course I needed to replenish the calories I burned as quickly as possible!). He came home with ice cream AND Oreos.

Love him!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Design Your Life... Or at Least Your Cubicle

Work has been a bit blah as of late. Except for the power outage yesterday, that was exciting. So I have been thinking of ways to make my day more exciting. So far the best thing I can think of is to decorate my cubicle (it turns out starting a fight club at lunch is frowned upon, who knew?). I've been trying to find ideas, so far the coolest things I have found are here and here.

I think these might all be a little far out, even if I would love to feel like I was in the jungle all day. I might have to invest in some cubicle wallpaper though.