Monday, February 28, 2011

Please Pass the Tissues

It's no secret that I'm a cry baby. It's part of being a Call, my Grandma Call says we get it from her and my Grandpa Call. Really I had no chance at not being a cryer. But there are still some things that make me tear up that I can't quite explain:

  1. The ends of sports movies. (A League of Their Own, I'm looking at you.)
  2. Children's choirs.
  3. Books where someone dies. Even the bad guy.
  4. Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
  5. The end of the Miss America pageant.
  6. Hallmark commercials.
  7. The Biggest Loser.
  8. News interviews with former drug addicts.
  9. Inspiring instrumental music.
  10. TV shows where people lose their homes to fire.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fact or Fiction- Follow Up

I posted last week about my yoga class, and nostril breathing. There were 5 comments, 2 people felt more relaxed with the left nostril, two people couldn't tell a difference with either nostril, and one person felt more relaxed with the right nostril.

Stop reading now if you want to try it before you get the answer!

Drumroll please....

My yoga teacher said that breathing through your left nostril is relaxing, and your right nostril is energizing. I'm still not sure if it's true, but it sure works for me!

Thanks for playing!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nesting, Part Dos

Once I got started with the plates, I felt like I was on a roll (oh great, now I want rolls...) so I decided to start on my next project. I actually thought of this project myself! I was inspired by the pictures we took for my parents for Christmas (Jalenna, you're awesome!), but the actual idea came from yours truly!

I had a bunch of frames from Ikea that I used at the wedding recep
tion, so I bought some scrapbook paper in colors I liked. I looked for stencils at Micheals, but I couldn't find any that were the right size, so I just printed out big letters in Word in a font I liked.

I was really happy with the first draft. (Sorry you can't really see it, the lighting made it hard to get a good shot.)

Until Steve pointed out that all the letters in white spelled out ALF. Then I couldn't see anything but that... So I took them all down and redid everything in the tan color.
You can't tell in this picture, but the tan has a pattern on it. I miss the green, so I might layer it on the tan. But probably not. Because, let's face it, its on the wall already and the chances of them coming down are slim to none!

The best part of this: the price.
Frames: Free, since I bought them a year ago, but they are 4/$1 at Ikea.
Paper: 4 sheets, $1.20 (the brown sheet was on sale for $0.01!)
Double sided tape: Free- it's been in the house forever.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

I used to do yoga twice a week when I lived in Arizona, and I loved it. The teacher was great, and the class made me feel great. I've tried a few classes since I moved here, but I couldn't find a teacher I really liked. It's really hard to find a teacher who is not:

a) obsessed with muscle tone and will make you wish you were dead (I personally think yoga should be about relaxation and listening to your body!)
b) obsessed with 'getting in touch with the universe/your third eye/Mother Earth'

Finding the happy medium has been difficult, but last night, I finally found a class I loved! The teacher was calm, encouraged us to listen to our bodies, not to force any poses, and to use the breath to sink into the pose, but never once talked about getting in touch with the Universe. She even said that yoga makes her feel like she just got a massage, which is what I always say! She will also be bringing treats to next weeks class for Valentines Day. Non-yoga-y treats! Count me in!

But one thing she said gave me pause. She said that breathing out of one nostril would relax you, and the other nostril would give you energy. I was surprised how well it worked, but I'm wondering if it was all in my head! So I'm asking you to do an experiment for me. Plug one nostril and take a couple of deep breaths, then plug the other one and try it again. Which side make you feel relaxed, and which side makes you feel energized, or does it not do anything?

I won't tell you which was which to keep the experiment valid. :)

PS- Don't look at the comments before trying this. I want to know for real!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Someday I Will...

... give myself a facial.
... scrub the grout in the shower tile.
... print out coupons to save money on groceries.
... decide what to do with all boxes of stuff that hang around.
... finish hanging up pictures.

But not today! Today I will cuddle up in a blanket, drink hot chocolate, watch trashy TV shows, and cuddle with my husband.

Because it's a snow day!