Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Which I Prove I Am Getting Old

So my last post about possibly being too old for Facebook got me thinking about all the other things I do that make me realize... Oh my gosh... I'm getting old...

1) I can't stand loud music. I used to love to drive in my car alone, with the sun roof open and the music blaring. But now? Why would I mess up my hair, and how would I even hear myself think?? Sometimes, I even drive with no music at all. I know!!

2) I totally don't get Twitter. It's the new thing, I hear. But seriously?? I just don't get it...

3) I find it hard to stay up past 11:00. Sometimes 10:00. Seriously.

4) I make fun of what 'the kids these days' are wearing (Ok, I never use that phrase exactly, but still, skinny jeans? On boys? Does it ever look good? Really??)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Unthinkable

Today I had a break at work, and so like any other person, I decided to get on Facebook. It was boring. I knew this couldn't be right, so I thought it could just be that I was looking at it on my phone, not the best format. So at my next break I logged on again, this time on a computer. Nope. Still boring. I can think of a few reasons for this:

1) Everyone I know is acutally doing things, instead of talking about doing things on Facebook. Which really takes the fun out of Facebook stalking...
2) I'm getting old. This is probably not the case, becuase as we all know, old people are getting on Facebook at an alarming rate. There is even a Facebook group called "Old People are Ruining Facebook!"
3) Too many of my friends play those dumb games, so all my posts show is that Angela got a new cow for her farm, and James killed someone in MafiaWars.
4) I'm so self centered that I no longer care about anything but me, and so looking at other people's lives is boring. Unless they hapen to be talking about me!

I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but I think it might be #4.