Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of my New Years resolutions was to only thrift shop for an entire year. People stare at me funny when I say this. Or they don't believe I can do it. But it is March, and I haven't broken it yet! I went thrifting last weekend and came back with two great finds:

First, this super awesome jacket. (Yes, I am lame and took a picture of myself with my phone in my dining room mirror. And yes, I am in my pj's. And yes, that is my house behind me. If you haven't come over to visit yet, please feel free to zoom in and take a look around. It will almost be like you were here. If you stopped by and refused to leave the dining room...)

Totally vintage, I love it! Do they even make this brand anymore??
And check out the buckles on each wrist and at the waist. They just don't make clothes with this level of detail anymore!!

Cost: $1.25
And next, this jacket/shrug. It's from Gap. I know it doesn't look like much over my sweater, but imagine it over a cute Summer dress, ok?

Cost: $1.25


Jalenna Call said...

I love these!!!! I need to go to this thrift store. Great job.. I hope you keep your resolution!!

Woolverton Girl said...

That is a cute jacket and great prices. Our goodwill charges a lot more for that kind of stuff. I went with a friend of mine to the "as is" section and bought the kids some summer shorts and a couple of shirts all for $0.75 each.

K&J Dickson said...

is this my store??!!! :)