Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Love Technology, But Not as Much as You, You See

I have recently realized how amazing the Internet is. I mean, I always knew it was amazing, but lately I have been more grateful for it.
  1. It gives me instant gratification. I don't have to wait until the end of a movie to see the credits to find out who plays cab driver #1 in the movie I'm watching. I just look it up on IMDB!
  2. The Internet never laughs at me when I ask dumb questions. Like the time I asked someone about the difference between a lamb and a sheep (I wish that hadn't really happened, but it did. I think I might have been absent they day we learned about farm animals in school...). I can just look it up myself!
  3. It saves me money. No more buying how-to books and magazines. I just google it! How do I put together this furniture from Ikea? How do I spray paint the lamp I just bought at the thrift store? How do I pluck a chicken (hopefully I'll never need to know that)?
Not only does it make my life better, but it also travels with me wherever I go, via my phone! So here's to you, Internet. With all my love.


Jenny said...

reading the title of this post made me flash back 6 years. To a day when i wasted two hours of my life! =) well actually it was not a complete waste i was hanging out with you! love!

Bethany said...

LOL!! And remember the guys behind us trash talking the whole time?? Our expectations were way too high!!