Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I love my bed. I eat many of my meals here, read here, do my homework here. Sometimes I find it hard to get up in the morning, not becuase I am tired, but becuase I am so comfortable.

2. I'm a magazine junky. I never get a subscription, because I would get bored reading the same one every month, but I usually pick up something different every month. I look at every page at least three times, even the advertisements.

3. I like looking in people's windows as I run at night, not in a creepy way, I just like to see how other people decorate.

4. I have a things for clocks. Big clocks, little clocks, I just love them, which might have something to do with...

5! I hate hate hate being late. Even for something dumb. I hate it even more when someone else makes me late.

6. I'm super organized at work, and always clean my desk off before I leave. I am messy at home, and almost never make my bed. I still can't figure out why...

7. I love school. I hate homework, but I love going to class and doing the readings. If I didn't have to write a paper every week, graduate school would be pretty much the funnest thing ever!

8. Every time I see a Hiring sign, even at a gas station or a McDonalds, the thought crosses my mind that I should apply. Same thing with apartments, every time I see a sign that says "Your New Home" I think for half a second about moving.

9. I don't mind performing in front of people, but I hate it when people come up to me afterward and tell me I did a good job, so I never want to do it. I never know what to say. A friend in college who was a music major and understood my need to criticize every little part of my performance taught me to say "I'm glad you enjoyed it" which works well for music, but not so much for a presentation at work. I'm still working on a response for that.

10. I am competitive to the extreme. If you are playing a game with me and I catch you cheating, or if you are on my team and holding me back from winning, I will get very upset. I don't play a lot of team centered games. People tend not to like me...

11. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I am surprised at what I see. The way I think I look and the way I actually look are very different.

12. I don't really know what my hair color is. I haven't seen more than an inch of it since I was 14.

13. I use superlatives too much.

14. My toenails are always painted.

15. I like to argue. Most of the time I just say a lot of words and the other person gets tired and just agrees with me. If I know I am right about something I will argue to the death.

16. I love dishes. I have 6 sets right now, and am always on the lookout for more. Serving dishes are my favorite, the bigger the better!

17. If something ever happens with my job, I am going to be an efficiency expert. I love figuring out the fastest way to do something. I have systems for getting things done at work that save me so much time!

18. I am afraid of falling.

19. I cry at the end of sports movies. Ok, I cry at the end of most movies. Or music videos. Or commercials.

20. I have a running list of all the places I want to go in my life. One of them is the Dr Pepper factory, which is only 3 hours away from me now, so I will probably make it there soon!

21. I love roller coasters.

22. I can spend hours looking at pictures of people I know. I can spend about a minute looking at pictures of people I don't know.

23. I am addicted to I have found I'm pretty awesome at it!

24. I love being at home. I am glad I can't work from home, because I would probably never leave, and would end up living in sweats.

25. Eating is pretty much my favorite thing ever, but I don't like to cook, so I end up living off of peanut butter sandwiches, soup, and string cheese.

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