Friday, January 2, 2009

So What, I'm Still (Not) a Rockstar

I had the amazing opportunity of going to a free Lifehouse concert tonight. I wouldn't say I'm a huge Lifehouse fan, but I like all their songs that I know, I love live music, and I rarely say no to something that is free! First of all, I was surprised at how good they really were. I try to deny it, but I am a total band nerd and somewhat of a music snob. I hate it when bands are out of tune or not totally together, and I was able to enjoy almost all of their music. I also realized that my secret unfulfilled dream is to become a rock star. I would love to be on stage like that, performing my heart out, and having the crowd screaming and singing along. Music just speaks to people in a way other things can't. There are more than a few reasons why this will never happen:

1) I don't have the talent. My voice is fine for singing alto in the ward choir, but its not rock star quality.
2) I can't dance. I would look like an idiot up there, and would run out of moves in about five minutes. Anyone who has seen me dance can agree with that!
3) I don't have a "rock star" look. Unless "Mormon Girl" is the next hot thing, I don't think I ever will.
4) I will never be discovered, as I never do anything that would cause me to be discovered. This would only be a problem if the first 3 reasons weren't so true. Since they are, even if I did do something that would possibly put me in the fast lane to super stardom, it wouldn't matter.

But hey, a girl can dream right? What it did make me think is that I should put a little more effort into the music that I do have available to me. Like playing the organ at church. I have the potential to become a total rock star organist, especially since playing the organ doesn't require any dance moves! I wonder if anyone would mind if I jazzed up the hymns a bit? Maybe brought in a lead guitar? I'm kidding...

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