Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have What You Might Call a Little Bit of a Shopping Problem!

Today I went to HEB with my roommate, she needed a couple of things. I was planning on getting nothing. As we walked into the store I saw they had OPI nail polish on clearance two for $5. As this is a total steal, and I am always on the lookout for cheap OPI, I took a second to look at it. Most of the colors were weird, like orange or sparkly green, but there were a few good french tip colors, and one really nice pink color, so I ended up getting four. By this time Tia has come back from what she was looking for, and was unable to find. So, I you're keeping score, it is Tia: 0, Bethany: 4. As we are heading to the checkout, I see they have plates on sale, a service for four for $2.95. I'm not joking. They were pretty nice, too! Of course, I had to get them! I love dishes! So I picked up four sets. Again, if you are keeping score it is Tia: 0, Bethany: 8. I ended up spending $20, but I got four very long lasting nail polishes, and enough dishes to have 16 people eat on matching plates, which is the dream, in case you weren't aware!

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