Friday, February 4, 2011

Someday I Will...

... give myself a facial.
... scrub the grout in the shower tile.
... print out coupons to save money on groceries.
... decide what to do with all boxes of stuff that hang around.
... finish hanging up pictures.

But not today! Today I will cuddle up in a blanket, drink hot chocolate, watch trashy TV shows, and cuddle with my husband.

Because it's a snow day!


Allison said...

snow day? SNOW DAY? What??? Unbelievable! I'm so jealous! It's not fair! I am so in love with this cold... it's been FREEZING here in AZ. I mean C-O-L-D! And I have enjoyed every second of it. I love being able to snuggle in my blankets. I love being able to get up, run to the bathroom, freeze, but the sheets (flannel, of course) are still warm by the time I get back. Doesn't get better than that! Um, okay, it does. Hot chocolate. That is all.

Bethany said...

I know!! It's the first snow we have had in 25 years!! We got less than half an inch, but it shut the whole state down! I'm loving it!