Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

I used to do yoga twice a week when I lived in Arizona, and I loved it. The teacher was great, and the class made me feel great. I've tried a few classes since I moved here, but I couldn't find a teacher I really liked. It's really hard to find a teacher who is not:

a) obsessed with muscle tone and will make you wish you were dead (I personally think yoga should be about relaxation and listening to your body!)
b) obsessed with 'getting in touch with the universe/your third eye/Mother Earth'

Finding the happy medium has been difficult, but last night, I finally found a class I loved! The teacher was calm, encouraged us to listen to our bodies, not to force any poses, and to use the breath to sink into the pose, but never once talked about getting in touch with the Universe. She even said that yoga makes her feel like she just got a massage, which is what I always say! She will also be bringing treats to next weeks class for Valentines Day. Non-yoga-y treats! Count me in!

But one thing she said gave me pause. She said that breathing out of one nostril would relax you, and the other nostril would give you energy. I was surprised how well it worked, but I'm wondering if it was all in my head! So I'm asking you to do an experiment for me. Plug one nostril and take a couple of deep breaths, then plug the other one and try it again. Which side make you feel relaxed, and which side makes you feel energized, or does it not do anything?

I won't tell you which was which to keep the experiment valid. :)

PS- Don't look at the comments before trying this. I want to know for real!!


Amy said...

I felt like my left was more relaxed, but my right was a little stuffy, so I don't know if energized is the right word. I'm interested in what your instructor said.

Woolverton Girl said...

The left side made me feel relaxed and the right energized. I was skeptical I have to say. Sounds really strange. But I'm stressed ALL THE TIME! Kids make you crazy & even with all this noise here, breathing through just my left nostril made me feel relaxed. So, is it in my head or is that the correct sides?

Bethany said...

This is very interesting! I'll post the results in a few days to see if other people respond too. I feel like a scientist!!

Jenny said...

I felt relaxed with both! I think that is was more the fact that i stopped to really breath. Isn't that sad I consider breathing out of one nostril more effective then I do all day. I want to go to Yoga with you, so bad! I can not really say which one made me feel energized... it was too hard! =)

Jalula said...

I got nothing...I didn't notice a difference.

Jalenna Call said...

i thought the right side was relaxing the left energizing..