Monday, February 28, 2011

Please Pass the Tissues

It's no secret that I'm a cry baby. It's part of being a Call, my Grandma Call says we get it from her and my Grandpa Call. Really I had no chance at not being a cryer. But there are still some things that make me tear up that I can't quite explain:

  1. The ends of sports movies. (A League of Their Own, I'm looking at you.)
  2. Children's choirs.
  3. Books where someone dies. Even the bad guy.
  4. Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
  5. The end of the Miss America pageant.
  6. Hallmark commercials.
  7. The Biggest Loser.
  8. News interviews with former drug addicts.
  9. Inspiring instrumental music.
  10. TV shows where people lose their homes to fire.

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