Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm a Dropout!

They announced a few months ago that we were going to start taxing us for our tuition, if we spent more than a certain amount. Well thanks to my doubling up of classes, I reached that amount last class. So I decided after much thought to stop school until January. A first I was euphoric, thinking of all the activities I could do now that I don't have homework to hold me back! But I have been out of school for all of a week, and I am bored!! I open my computer and surf the internet aimlessly, just wanting to have something to procrastinate. I also realize that I used school as a reason to not do things I didn't want to do. "I can't, I have homework" is such a great out! So while I'm sure I will enjoy my time away from school, I am also excited to be going back. But someone please stop me if I decide I want another degree after this one. Seriously.

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Jalula said...

Work on your knitting projects-I still want my sweater-vest!