Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bless My Broken Road!

It's become pretty obvious in the last few days that I am supposed to stay in San Antonio. Not that I really wanted to leave, but I am always looking for the next thing, and I assumed that the next thing would take me out of the state, or at least the city. So now I have to decide where to go from here. This is what I am thinking:

1) I will not play the victim and let my life happen to me. I am in control of my decisions, and I create the life I want. If there is something in my life I do not like I have two choices: change the situation, or change my mind.

2) I will count my blessings every day. I am blessed beyond anything that I deserve, and I need to remember that before I start whining about things I think I am entitled to.

3) I will make more of an effort to excel in everything I do, even things that seem small or meaningless.

I still do not know where I'm headed, but when I get there, it's going to be in style!

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Allison said...

So sorry you were going to razz me and I totally gotcha. :) I hate that when blogs are private it doesn't update. I think a lot of people hate it too. :( What do you do? Our cruise is in 80 days, but we leave in 79. WAHOO! I think I need to make a chain. A paper chain for my office. Yah- I'm going to do that. I'm pathetic, but I'm so excited!