Thursday, May 26, 2011

Links I Love: Scarf Obsession

Last week I got a scarf in the mail from my sister. I wore it twice that week, and would have worn it more if I could have! I have decided to add to my (small and pathetic) scarf collection since then. But I only know of two ways to wear a scarf: wrapped around my neck, and as a belt. So, as I always do when I lack knowledge, I went to the Google! 

The ultimate scarf tying guide! Lots of great ideas, and you can even download the PDF!

If you like it vintage, try this site

If you need videos (always helpful for more complicated ties!), click here. This site also has some awesome headscarfs that I might even be able to pull off!

Now all I need is to find about 1,000,000 more scarfs!!


Jalenna Call said...

we're so scarf shopping in july!!! love all these ideas! i saw someone last week with the bow one tied lower on her shirt, it was super cute!

Anne @ ModernMrsDarcy said...

I'd seen the 1951 guide but not the more recent (and honestly--more useful to me) version. I've been trying to wear more scarfs--but I need guidance. Thanks for sharing!

ClassiclyAmber said...

Oooooo - I am a huge fan of scarves, too! Thing is...I barely OWN any!! What's up with that?

Sarah Von said...

I am 100% obsessed with scarves - I almost feel naked if I'm not wearing one!