Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gardening Update

You know how they say that you should get a plant, and if you keep that alive, then get a pet, and if you keep that alive, then you are ready to have children? Well, if that's true... Our children are going to end up withering on our porch until Steve comes home from work...

I'm not going to lie. the garden would be dead if Steve hadn't remembered to water it every day this week! But thanks to him, our little plants are alive and well! We even had our first harvest!

 Two tomatoes! Don't they look yummy??
 The cilantro isn't doing so well, we're thinking it might need to come inside soon.
 There are a few more tomatoes on the plant!
 Did I mention we got basil? It's not taking the heat too well either. It will be inside soon.
 Rosemary is still going strong. You seriously can't kill that stuff! 
This last picture isn't from the garden, but I wanted to prove that I am not a horrible human being that kills innocent plants for fun. This plant was given to me by a good friend I used to work with. She had an amazing green thumb, and made me promise I would not kill it! Well, here is living proof, over a year later, and it is still alive! It even has some new growth. 

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