Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christmas in May!

Today was pretty exciting, and not just because it was scout night. We had two very exciting packages! One big one and one little one. The big one had a Dyson!! I have wanted a Dyson since I saw a commercial my freshmen year of college. And then Steve bought me one! Here he is putting it together! 
 And look at all of the boxes it came in!
 I bet you're dying to know what was in the second package! It was a scarf from my sister Jalenna! She got it in New York this weekend! So here I am vacuuming while wearing my new scarf! Is this the best day ever or what??

Not bad for only getting 2 hours of sleep last night :)


Allison said...

Ok, so you got a dyson that I don't even wanna know how "cheap" it was ... And I got a shark that I ordered for 28 bucks. :) I haven't assembled mine yet. I feel like it should be preassembled. I have zero motivation to put it together because that just means I have to use it. Gah.

Jalenna Call said...

and your wearing your cute new shoes!!!!! i love it!!!