Friday, May 6, 2011

30 for 30- Recap

Well, I pretty much failed at taking pictures and posting them last week! And I meant to do this recap on Sunday. Fail again... But I did finish the challenge!

I learned:

1) I didn't mind wearing the same clothes over and over, what I really missed was shoe options! If I had to do it again, I would choose more shoes and less clothes.
2) What was I thinking putting it two pairs of jeans AND a jean skirt?? I never wear jeans! My dark wash jeans didn't get worn once!
3) I need more accessories. I have almost none!
4) My black skirt is the workhorse in my wardrobe. Just goes to show that a high quality, well made piece is SO worth the price!

It was a great challenge for me, it made me realize that I wear the same 'outfits' over and over, the same pants with the same shirts and the same shoes. Being forced to remix was really fun, and I came up with combinations that I wouldn't have!

It also made me realize that I never want to post on my blog every day! It went from being something fun I do, to something I hated!! (Hence the no posting all week...) But I do have some fun posts coming up. We have added to our garden, and harvested our first tomato yesterday!! I'm also planning on doing some serious thrift shopping this weekend, and a pedicure may or may not be involved!

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