Monday, August 2, 2010


On Friday I got my Texas drivers license, so I can mark one more thing off my list!

Texas does not have a DMV, just a drivers license office. It was one of the most inefficient processes I have seen since college registration. When I got there, the line was out the door. I should have known that was a bad sign, and gone to another office, but I was already there, so I waited. I couldn't see what line I was in, so I got behind the last person and hoped for the best. When I finally got inside, I saw that I was waiting in the 'get information' line. This is where they tell you that you do not have what you need to take care of whatever you are there for, and please come back later. Luckily I had brought every piece of documentation I had ever been given (including my drivers ed certificates, you never know!!) so after waiting in that line for 30 minutes, I was able to continue.

Line two was getting a number. This was only a few minutes long, since most everyone else got sent home for not having what they needed.

When my number got called I waited in line three. I was finally able to speak to a real person after only fifteen minutes of waiting! She processed all of my information, and was talking so much about the metal spike in her head (I'm not kidding) that she didn't even notice that the check I paid with didn't have my name on it. I was then given a piece of paper with a picture of a license on it, and was told that my actual plastic licence would be mailed to me within two weeks. She also welcomed me to Texas. I almost felt bad saying thank you, since I have been in the state over two years!

Having to wait in line to wait in line to wait in line made me miss the efficiency of the Arizona DMV. I think this is because you only have to renew your license once every lifetime, so the lines are low. But they also only have one line.

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Woolverton Girl said...

Wow, 3 lines, that is CRAZY!! I try to avoid the "drivers license office." But, I opted to go in last year to renew my license since I wanted a new picture. It was really quick compared to other times I had been and there was only one line. Well, it wasn't a line, you took a # and waited.

I can't believe you have your drivers ed certificates! I don't even remember getting one. LOL!

Glad you got it all done, though! oh...& welcome to TX! hehehe :)