Monday, August 30, 2010

The Saga of the Piano

For some reason this weekend I was thinking about all the moves my piano has made in it's time with me. And since I get to write about whatever I want, here it is!

1) I get the piano from my sister. She got it from my grandma. It is moved into my second story apartment.

2) Paino is moved from the apartment into a co workers house as I will be homeless for a few weeks until my apartment is reacy.

3) Apartment ready! Piano moved. First floor this time, thank goodness!

4) I move out of the apartment (turns out I hate living alone) and there is no room in my new place. Piano moves to friends house.

5) I am leaving for the summer to work at the Grand Canyon. Friends are moving too. Piano moves to another friends apartment.

6) I come back from the summer and move the piano to the trailer, where it stays for two years (it's longest stop yet!).

7) Move to Phoenix. Live on the third floor. Don't have friends to help move. Piano stays at parents house.

8) Move into house in Phoenix. Rent a van, pick up the piano, move it in.

9) Move to San Antonio. Load piano in the U-Haul, take it to first house.

10) Move out of house into an apartment. Realize after having it hauled up a flight of stairs that going the back way does not have any stairs. Oh well.

11) Tia buys a house. Piano is moved with the help of a piano dolly (best thing ever!). Piano is tuned for the first time in 7 years.

12) Moved into Steve's apartment. Signed a lease for 14 months, so it will be in one place for a while!

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