Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Ten Things I Love About Living in Texas!

10. Great BBQ any time of the day.
9. I can wear sweats to the post office without feeling like a total scrub.
8. Country music is everywhere.
7. I can wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat (or both!) without feeling like a cheeseball.
6. I actually have a chance of running into Chuck Norris.
5. The song "Come Back to Texas" makes a lot of sense now.
4. Not every building is made of adobe.
3. I can say Ya'll without being made fun of.
2. Total strangers chat in the grocery store and no one thinks anything of it.


Allison said...

Top ten reasons why you shouldn't have left:

10. As You Wish
9. No Humidity
8. You can burn your fingers on the steering wheel almost any day of the year.
7. Air conditioning all year round.
6. As You Wish.
5. The Grid System.
4. No Frontage Roads.
3. Man made lakes make you feel like you aren't inland.
2. In N Out.
And the number one reason...
1. Allison is in Phoenix. What were you thinking? Did you think it through?

Just kidding! I miss you and I'm glad to see you have a blog! :)

Jolene said...

I just read your whole blog - I am totally in love with my niece that I feel like I don't even know! You are AWESOME!!

(except for that last thing that I just read about the spurs... I will forgive you but I will add that it is a good thing that Grandpa is not around to read such things)