Saturday, July 27, 2013

Five Months

Jules is five months old today!!

I feel like she has learned so much this month. She started talking up a storm, but then she stopped for two weeks while she was learning to roll over. Now that she's mastered the roll, she's back to chattering away! 

Speaking of rolling over, Jules finally decided to roll while I wasn't there!! My mom and Tyler were visiting, and Mom watched Jules while we went to Six Flags. That's when she decided to roll from her tummy to her back the first time! Then while Steve and I were celebrating our anniversary a few days later, she rolled from her back to her front. I guess she would rather perform for Grandma than Mom!!

She wants to eat SO badly. We put her on the table in her Bumbo when we eat dinner and she reaches for our food and smacks her lips. We went out to eat last week and when the food came out she looked so sad. Poor baby still has to wait a whole month before her mean momma will feed her!

Jules is such a good baby. We cart her around everywhere and she never seems to mind. She didn't even fuss when we kept her in her carseat for 10 hours on our way to New Mexico. 

Happy birthday baby girl!!


Jenny said...

You are such a mean mom! Eating in front of her like that! :) She is getting so big, and such a cutie. Love you lots!

Bethany said...

I am mean!! You should see her pathetic little face!!