Friday, February 17, 2012

My husband is a genius

And not just because he married me! Actually, I have to say he is a genius in spite of marrying me. The fact that he hasn't tried to kill or divorce me kind of makes me worry about his mental health.

But I digress...

A few months ago I made a deal with my husband. I said if he would take over doing the laundry, I would do ALL the dishes. He hates dishes with a fiery passion, and I was hating laundry more and more everyday. This deal was what you call a Win-Win!

After a few weeks of laundry doing, it became clear that my method of folding (or stuffing them in the drawer) my shirts wasn't working for him. I explained that they got messed up anyway because when I was looking for a shirt, I had to dig to find the one I wanted.

So Steve, with his higher than average intelligence and spacial reasoning, implemented the filing method for my shirts. The picture might not look that impressive to you, but it is nothing short of a miracle that my shirts have been nearly folded for over two months!

So my marriage tip for the day is: play up your strengths! And also, try to marry someone much smarter than you!


Jalenna Call said...

can steve come organize my dresser?!

Amy said...

I think you are the genious for getting him to fold your laundry. Adam is a much better folder than I am but he will only fold laundry occasionally and when I ask really sweetly.

Bethany said...

J- Yes, I'm sure he would be happy to do that! Be sure and mess it up real nice before he comes. He'll love it.

Amy- The trick is to find something that he hates more than anything, and offer to do that all the time! Or cry. Crying is effective too! :)