Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wedding Cycle

I have a theory. Planning a wedding has some similarities to the pride cycle.

First, you start out excited. Planning a wedding is fun! You get to tell everyone what to wear!! And pick out flowers!! And look for a wedding dress!! And buy new shoes! And take engagement pictures! And send out invitations. And find a place for the reception. And coordinate the rehearsal dinner. And get a photographer... And. And. And...

Which takes us to step two. Overwhelmed. There are too many choices. Too many things to get done. There's not enough time, not enough money, and trying to coordinate everything is like herding cats. If you think it's easy to herd cats then you need to watch this short video. Seriously, watch it, it's funny.

Step three is deciding not to care. No one really looks at the centerpieces. And do I really have to have food? Well, if I'm not going to do that, what the point of having a reception at all? Let's just get married and call it a day. In fact, I don't have plans next week. Let's get married then. So you mentally decide that you're canceling everything. But then step four kicks in.

Sentimentalism. But, if I don't have a reception, I can't have a Daddy Daughter Dance. And what's the point of buying a dress if no one is going to see it? And I've always wanted to have great pictures of my wedding day to remember forever. No! I have to have a wedding reception! It's so fun to plan them!

And the cycle begins again.

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