Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, I had this idea of how registering would go. I've always been a fan of home goods, but most of the time when people try to pick something out for me, I wonder if we've ever met. Do I seem like the person that would really like a frame with cute/trying too hard to be touching sayings on it? Or the person who would enjoy having cups with fish painted on them?? Because I'm not... So the thought of being able to have people buy me things that I picked out- best idea ever!

Well, registering did not live up to my expectations. IT EXCEEDED THEM. We made the mistake of looking around for things we wanted before starting the registration process. I say it was a mistake, because it was a total waste of time. One we had the gun in our hands, we just scanned things that caught our eye, and ended up with a lot of things we didn't even know we wanted. It was so much fun!! It's been fun to check in and add more things online, too.

While I thought it was fun, I was exhausted at the end of it. It had all the fun of shopping with someone else's money, but no shoppers high at the end (you know, when you take your new purchase home, take it out of the packaging, find a place for it, know that that your life is better because you have something new, start to wonder if you paid too much, or if you really like it after all. Am I the only one with a shoppers high? really?). So, it is an exercise in delayed gratification, something I am still trying to learn.

I think the best part of registering was it gave Steve and I a chance to pick things out together, and made me imagine myself cooking a wonderful dinner for him in my super cute apron (hint: it's on the list at Bed Bath & Beyond- buy it for me and I'll love you forever) in my shiny new pans and serving the meal with matching pot holders and coordinating dishes. In reality, I will probably be eating something HE cooked, or eating something I defrosted, but a girl can dream, right?

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where did you register?