Sunday, April 11, 2010


Special thanks to Amy for all the topic ideas ;)

So the wedding plans are coming right along. Finding a dress was quite the ordeal! Of course, there wasn't a dress with a sleeve in the whole city, at least not a pretty one, (and PS, David's Bridal, when you say you can put sleeves on any dress, and then bring out a thin strip of netting? Not acceptable!!) so I started my hunt online. I had found one that I loved for a great price, but wanted to try a few more on just to be sure I liked the shape. This store didn't allow returns, so I had to be sure!! So I decide that I will try some dresses on while I am in Phoenix visiting my college roommates. When I got to her house, I pulled up the website to shoe them the dress-and it was closed. The company had shut down!! I freaked out!! But luckily, we went to the dress store and found THE dress! I love it!! I make my roommates help me put it on all the time (they're probably glad I'm moving out soon!) and I love it. I especially love the headband with tons of rhinestones, and the best part- it came free with the dress! I love wearing it, I totally understand this episode of Friends:

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Next post- registering. Let me just say- funnest thing ever!!!

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