Monday, August 31, 2009


Last week I did something I hadn't done in a really really long time. My laundry. All of it. There was nothing in my laundry basket for at least twelve hours! I even folded it and put it all away! And that was when I realized: I have a lot of clothes. Most of the time enough clothes are in the hamper, or not folded and laying on one side of my bed, that I never worry about hanger or drawer space. But with everything clean, I had to steal (borrow!) some hangers from my roommate, and then I had to squish everything down to close my dresser drawers. And now I laugh at myself when I think I have nothing to wear. Also, my shoe collection seems to be multiplying! I used to be able to fit everything in my over the door hanger, with only some three shoes to a pocket, but now, I have the door hanger, a basket in the closet, and a pile in Tina's room. It's a good thing Tina is patient!!

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