Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Bad Day

It's always rough for a few days after I see my family. I'm super homesick and lonely and wanting to be back with them. So I was expecting yesterday to be a little rough. It ended up being more than a little!!

First my eye was swollen. 

I thought maybe it was an allergy to something in New Mexico, but it kept getting worse! I couldn't wear my contacts, and wearing glasses always makes me feel a little bit off. So I was muddling through my day, trying my best to be productive and I kicked Jules's bouncy chair. It hurt!! I thought I was just being dramatic, so I tried to stop thinking about it and hoped it would stop hurting. Apparently I should have been more dramatic and put some ice on it because in a few hours is was swelling and purple!

Poor pinky toe. 

Then to add insult to injury, I got a stain on my pants. I don't even know where it came from.

I guess some days are just like that. 

The good thing about bad days is that they eventually end, and they make you appreciate the good days that much more!

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