Monday, January 14, 2013

Hellooo 2013

Wow, is it seriously almost halfway through January?? Where does the time go?? I rang in the new year by taking lots of drugs and going to the urgent care center, waiting for them to tell me that I had the flu and I should go home and rest a lot and drink lots of fluids… I was pretty sure that’s all it was, but I was worried I had an infection of some sort, so to the doctor I went. I’m still fighting off the last of it, but at least I stopped sounding like a smoker! So let’s just say 2013 didn’t start off as well as I could have hoped. But that’s ok. I still have 50 more weeks to make it awesome!

Speaking of awesome, let’s talk about 2012! So many awesome things happened:
· Steve and I went on a great 10 day vacation to Utah and Idaho! We got to see lots of family, and I was able to appreciate living in the South more (seriously Idaho, snow in April?? Really??). It was really fun to meet some of Steve’s family, and to see some of my family that I don’t get to visit very often.
· We bought a house! We weren’t planning on buying until next year, but a coworker told me about a program to help you buy a house, and the interest rate we got was so good, we couldn’t refuse. The new house is A LOT of work (mostly for Steve), and sometimes I miss the simple life in an apartment, but I love it. I love our new part of town, living next to Steve’s grandparents, and being able to paint whatever the heck I want!
· I got knocked up! I had my serious doubts that I would ever get pregnant. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really did. I feel SO blessed to be having this baby in a few weeks (eek!), and I’m so grateful to all our friends and family that prayed her here!
· We had our 2nd wedding anniversary! I can’t believe that Steve has made it two whole years without choking me in my sleep! We were planning on celebrating by spending the day at Six Flags, but we found out about Baby a few days before, and I was in the middle of the lovely morning sickness, so we slept in, saw a movie, and spent the day enjoying not being at work.
· My WHOLE family came to visit for Christmas. It was crowded and loud and extremely fun. We hadn’t all been together for over a year, and I hadn’t spent Christmas with my family in three years, so I really appreciated everyone making the drive! Now to convince them all to move to Texas…

I pretty much fulfilled my 2012 resolutions. I could have done better, but I could have been much much worse. And with all the unexpected things that happened last year, I think I did well. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches!

My resolutions for 2013 are pretty simple.
· Have a baby. Steve says that’s a lame resolution since I’m going to be doing that no matter what. I say I’m just setting myself up to succeed. We’ll just agree to disagree on that one!
· Start a garden. I’m don’t want to have a mini farm or anything, but I do want to have a few plants. Tomatoes are for sure on the list, and I’m thinking maybe broccoli and some melons? I’m not sure. But I do know it’s happening! In a few years I want to be able to have tons of produce every year, and can it. But I don’t want to overwhelm myself! So for this year, starting a small garden will do.
· Start running again. Obviously this won’t start until after Baby has been here a while, but I really want to get back into my routine of running. I decided that I will never be the person running the half marathon or the marathon, and that’s ok. If I ever work my way up to a 10k I’ll be really happy. But I enjoy running, even if it’s only a few miles, and I’m excited to start it up again!

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