Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time Flies

Ok, seriously, is it already December?? How did this happen?? It's almost Christmas!

We got out our Christmas tree last weekend. It was a breeze to put up (I want to kiss whoever invented pre lit trees. On the lips. Possibly with tongue.) and might be the world's most perfect fake tree. It has LED lights (hello energy savings!) and it has both white AND colored lights. For someone with decorating commitment issues like mine, that is a huge plus! And all we had to do was take it out of the box, put the three sections together, and fluff!

We went to Hallmark on Monday to get our yearly ornament, and also snagged a "New House" ornament! I loved looking at the Baby's First Christmas ornaments. I can't wait to buy one for next year!

When we got home from Hallmark we started decorating the tree, but then we ran out of ornament hooks, and our new favorite show came on, and we were both tired, so we stopped decorating. And we haven't started it up again... So in addition to all of our unpacked regular boxes, we also have half unpacked Christmas boxes laying around. I've decided it's my new decorating style. I'm going to call it Just Moved In Chic. Luckily the boxes totally go with our wall color, so I think it's really working for us!

Baby (who is still without a name for now) is doing well. At my last appointment she weighed over two pounds! They were trying to check on a little spot they found on the heart, but she was all curled up and wouldn't move (she's stubborn. Of course she gets that from Steve, not me!!), so I get to have another one in a month or so. I'm fine with that, I love seeing her! I'm still feeling really good. My back hurts if I overdo it, so I wear grandma shoes every day and spend quality time with my back massager. I also developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome... It's annoying, but as long as I wear my wrist braces at night and drink enough water, it doesn't get too bad.

Our calendar is jam packed full until after Christmas. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done! Luckily my sister Jalenna is coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to having a full time slave for a while. She said she would work for food. Which is fine with me, my whole life is an all you can eat buffet!


Jalenna Call said...

just so you know, I wouldnt be upset if I had to finish decorating the tree :) I feel a serious lack in my life having no tree!!!

Jenny said...

I hope she gets the tree done before then! ;) but you probably can finish unpacking her from her move. love you Beth. Lets start looking at the calendar for my trip too!

Bethany said...

I'll be on leave until the end of May (possibly forever!). Just tell me when you'll be here!! The weather here is perfect in April and May!!