Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I am too blessed, like I should give away some of my happiness because I have too much. Thinking about all the suffering in the world, all the people hurting, and all the people who want just what I have, makes me grateful. Sometimes I am awed at how kind the Lord is to me.

Sometimes, I wonder why life can't go my way. I want to control everything. I want to be able to define things, to put a nice neat label on them so I can understand them. Sometimes I yearn for the things I don't have.

Sometimes, I am awesome. I am on top of things. I get to work on time, and my hair looks good, and I have a healthy lunch packed. I am kind to others, I keep my house clean. All my bills are paid on time.

Sometimes, I suck at life. I struggle just to get out of bed. I only think about myself. I speak unkindly to people that I love the most. Things that should be easy, I make hard.

Sometimes I forget that life has it's highs and lows. I want every day to be sunny, but I forget that without the rainy days, nothing would grow. Sometimes I remember that the low points only make me appreciate the highs that much more.

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Jenny said...

I love everything you are and everything you will be. This life is a progression. Keep on keeping on.