Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Hobbies?

I just finished the last page of my action research project!! When I hit 'save' I felt a huge weight lift from me! I'm done!! The wedding plans are also coming along, there isn't much left to do there either. And I got released two weeks ago. I have often wished for more free time, and now that it looks like I'll have it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. So here are a few hobbies that I'm thinking of taking up:

1. Carving egg shells. When I was in college I had some awesome roommates. One night we stayed up too late and decided it was a great idea to make our likenesses out of eggs. They all looked something like this. I really enjoyed that, and could make it into a full time hobby, working my way up to this! And just think of all the omelets I could enjoy while practicing!

2. Design my own fashion line. Everyone is doing it these days. Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z, Victoria Beckham. How hard can it be? I'll probably watch a few episodes of Project Runway to get ready.

3. Writing angry letters to businesses, and possibly my congressman. The bathrooms were dirty, the ice cream was runny, the lighting was bad in the dressing rooms, I don't like the new 'no cell phone in the car' law. Maybe I'll even get free stuff out of the deal!

4. Shoe collecting. I always avoid collecting anything, because I know that's all I'll ever get for presents for the rest of my life. But if I become an avid shoe collector? I would love getting those presents! Plus, this would give me an excuse to buy this Ikea shoe organizer! I have to have something to show off my collection!!


Jalenna Call said...

I vote for shoe collecting. Maybe I'll join you in this hobby so we can trade!

Jenny said...

I love all of those plans! Especially the first and the last! You are are going to great at everything!