Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Warm Bethany is a Happy Bethany- Or I'm Trying to Do Anything Other Than Going to the Gym!

I'm sure everyone is already aware, but I am not a huge fan of Winter. I was born in the desert, and I plan to stay in a warm climate as long as I possibly can. I hate having to wear a jacket, I hate having cold toes, I hate layering, I hate having to wait for my car to warm up, I hate being outside, I hate waking up in the morning and having to get out of my warm bed. That's a lot of hate, if anyone is keeping track. But the thing I hate the most is not being able to wear skirts. I have developed a love affair with skirts in the last two years. They are so comfortable, and always look nice. I feel girly but not fussy when I'm wearing them. They never pinch or ride up like pants, and they are way more flattering. In the Winter, my wardrobe gets cut in half because I can't wear skirts... Even with a pair of thick tights, my legs still get cold. And wearing tights means I can't wear open toed shoes, which kills my shoe wardrobe too.

This year it seems that Winter is teasing me. It gets warm for a couple of days, then cold again, then warm, then cold... I get to wear a skirt for one day, and then its over. My poor little legs can't wait until Spring!!

And now, possibly, I will go to the gym... I need to get my legs in Spring skirt wearing shape!

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Jalenna Call said...

I have converted to tights with open toe shoes.. i just cant leave my heels under my bed ALL winter!