Friday, April 10, 2009

10 Things (Sort of) I Hate About You

A friend of mine was poking fun at my love of Texas, and told me to listen to the Real Men of Genius Mr Way Too Proud of Texas Guy (I hadn't heard it, because if they played in Texas no one would listen). After recognizing myself in some of those lyrics, I feel the need to prove that I am not a Texas nut! So here is a list of things I do NOT like about Texas. Take that!

10. The humidity. My hair refuses to do anything right. Can't go straight, it's too frizzy. Can't go curly, it will fall flat. I end up in a perpetual ponytail.
9. I'm getting fat. This may be something I don't like about myself more than Texas, because if I had more willpower I wouldn't have this problem, but seriously, everything is delicious!
8. You have to drive almost an entire day to get out of the state.
7. The weather will be scorching hot one day, windy the next, and raining the day after. I never know what to wear!
6. The shopping isn't so great. The outlet malls an hour north are really really good, but I feel like I need to spend all day there to make it worth the drive.
5. Everything is slow here, people drive slow, lines move slowly, people even talk slower.

I honestly can't think of 3 more things... I think this shows my true feelings! Skipping straight to the #1 thing I DO NOT LIKE:

1. THE ROADS. Seriously people, a straight line never killed anyone!

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Allison said...

YES! The Roads! I think your number two is that you miss Allison. Number 3 could be that there is no Kathryn Jones Landlord there to make you crazily insane?