Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Months

Jules turned three months on Monday! We were in Tyler, TX that day, and I totally forgot to take a picture of her! Luckily I randomly take pictures of her all the time, so here's the best one from that day. Not my best work, but it will do!

I can't believe how fast she is growing! She is too big for her bassinet I kept next to the bed, so she has started sleeping in her crib in the nursery. She doesn't seem to mind at all, but I have had some separation anxiety! She has also started sleeping through the night sometimes! She will wake up occasionally  to eat around 3 or 4 AM, but most of the time she will sleep until 6:30. 

It is so fun to watch her play with her toys now. She is finally getting enough hand eye coordination to reach out and grab things. The baby gym is still giving her hours of entertainment every day, especially if we attach a new toy to it every once in a while. 

Jules is pretty much able to hold her head up all on her own, but she does have a flop every now and then. Now that she can hold her head up and look around, she doesn't mind being held so much, especially if you are helping her sit up. I need to start looking for a Bumbo or something similar so she can sit up a little on her own. 

She has also started sucking on her two fingers, just like her Auntie J used to do!

I am loving this stage, and trying to appreciate every moment. She is growing up WAY too fast!!

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Jalenna Call said...

precious baby girl!!! shes looking so grown up!