Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I hate the thought of inflation. I hate thinking that the raise I got this year was basically nothing, because everything is going to cost more anyway. But I have been noticing the effects of inflation on Craigslist.

A side note about Craigslist: My sister and brother in law recently bought a hot tub off of Craigslist. My 5 year old niece told my mom that they got the hot tub from her dad's friend named Craig. Isn't that cute??

Anyway. We have a very empty house to furnish, and what better way to fill it up than by buying people's old used stuff?? It's better for the environment, better for my bank account, and I feel like I'm helping someone out. Or giving them beer money. Whatever. I remember getting a ton of great deals there when I lived in Phoenix. The stuff may not have been the best quality (I write as I stare at the $10 coffee table with one leg falling off... Hey, it lasted 5 years and 6 moves!) but it was CHEAP!

But I've been on Craigslist pretty much every day for the last month, and I've started to notice - people want a lot of money for their old used junk!! A broken down couch for $700. A particle board desk for $200. And seriously people - it's DINING room table, not DINNING!!! Oh, and while we're on the subject. Having something in your house since 1982 does not make it an antique!! Sometimes its just an old piece of junk. Make your peace with that.

I have a few theories about why this is happening:

  1. People are more informed than they used to be. They search the internets to see how much everyone else is charging, and price accordingly. They can figure out that the DINING room table they got from their great aunt is actually worth something.
  2. People is San Antonio are all dirty rotten Craigslist thieves who can't spell, and want to take all my money and leave nothing for my unborn child's college fund.
  3. People barter so much that everyone sets the prices at triple of what they actually hope to get for an item.
Maybe I just need to shell out the cash at a furniture store. I'm starting to lose my faith in mankind... and spell check...

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