Sunday, October 9, 2011

Four Day Win, part 1

I decided to focus on each of my goals for one week. Since there are roughly four weeks in a month, it should work out well!

My first goal was to improve my relationship with God. I like to think that I have a very personal relationship with my Father in Heaven. I have had many prayers answered, and I try to listen to the promptings I get from Him. But I know I can do much, much better. I am too quick to forget my dependance on Him when things are going well, and only remember to really pray when I need something.  For this week, my four day win will be to read my scriptures each morning for 15 minutes.  I know it sounds simple, but that's the point!

To make this happen, I will need to do a little bit of preparation at night (I could get up earlier, but I don't want to!). I need to get out my clothes, make our lunches and pack my gym bag so I have the extra time to add one more step to my routine in the mornings.

Next week I will be focusing on my health and fitness!

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