Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Which I Prove I Am Getting Old

So my last post about possibly being too old for Facebook got me thinking about all the other things I do that make me realize... Oh my gosh... I'm getting old...

1) I can't stand loud music. I used to love to drive in my car alone, with the sun roof open and the music blaring. But now? Why would I mess up my hair, and how would I even hear myself think?? Sometimes, I even drive with no music at all. I know!!

2) I totally don't get Twitter. It's the new thing, I hear. But seriously?? I just don't get it...

3) I find it hard to stay up past 11:00. Sometimes 10:00. Seriously.

4) I make fun of what 'the kids these days' are wearing (Ok, I never use that phrase exactly, but still, skinny jeans? On boys? Does it ever look good? Really??)

1 comment:

Jalenna Call said...

I hope that skinny jeans comment is only directed to boys!