Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Gifted! Well, Sort Of...

I shouldn't have been so excited that it was warming up. It started raining again today! Why? Why do bad things happen to good people?? :)

I discovered some of my hidden talents this weekend:

1) Crepe paper. It's a gift. It always twirls perfectly for me. Now if I could keep it on the wall. I may or may not have used a staple gun on some crepe paper at a baby shower this weekend. Stupid glossy paint...

2) Folding chairs and heels. I would say most LDS females develop this talent in time, but I have always felt that I had a special gift for it. I think it's my special anchor and yank move (I'm thinking of copyrighting that phrase!). Don't believe me? Check me out after a church function!

3) Stuffing things into flast rate boxes at the post office. Even the postal worker commented on how much was in it. I'm kinda awesome like that!

That's my list. Some people are world leaders, some are great thinkers. Me, I can put up crepe paper, fold up some chairs, and send you a bunch of junk in a box!

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Jalenna Call said...

you can send me junk in a box anytime!!!